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Fashion marketing is a branch of marketing
We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of knitted garments for infant, children and men in India.

end-to-end garment manufacturing services from
greige fabric to finished products

We believe our core competency lies in our clear understanding of the specifications of knitted garments in the children, Men’s category, the buying preferences of our customers and our ability to deliver products of a consistent high-quality products.

Our Quality Policy

ASM Knitwears Private Limited officially recognized for its quality management, compliance and testing procedures.  Quality is controlled at every stage of production by conducting systematic testing and continuous monitoring of results.Our quality policy (Quality First) is a testament to our commitment to satisfy customer requirements through providing top-notch products. That is how we ensure sustained growth and success in the global market. Our prime objective is to produce quality products with reasonable price in order to satisfy the end user. Our production is backed by strong quality control department, which takes care of the consistency in quality check on raw material, work in progress and finished products


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