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State Of The Art Machinery
Diverse operations including fiber synthesis, weaving, manufacturing, dyeing and finishing

Design & Sampling

3D fit simulation software for virtual fitting and draping of the garment created using CAD patterns. Sample Section Equipped with 25 machines and capable of making about 50 samples a day, the Sample Section has a variety of modern machineries like auto pattern cutters.


Partnered with vendors who can produce High-efficiency auto corners that can generate more tons per day. Modern equipment’s from Europe, Germany, and LMW, India.


Partnered with vendors who are best knitting industries of India and manufacture the best quality garments for our clients. Over the years our quality products and reputation have created a strong business relation with the world’s famous clothing brands.  We produce an assorted choice of knitting in various designs and textures with advanced Mayer & Cie machines from Germany & Pailung circular knitting machines from Taiwan and highest quality yarns.

Dyeing & Finishing

Dyeing quality is governed by our team coming with technical expertise and also by the selection of good quality raw materials like bulk chemicals, auxiliaries and dyes which are Azo free and Eco friendly in nature for processing.  Partnered with industry leaders dyeing business who has OEKO-TEX and GOTS certified, has a cutting-edge Effluent Treatment Plant. Soft flow dyeing machines with color retaining ability form an integral part of the facility. All the fabrics are pre-dyed using azo free technology. The compacting processes are directed at enhancing endurance of the fabric material.


Our printing equipment can produce graphics that are both fashionable and delicate. Plastisol, Glitter, Pigment and Foil Printing are some of the variants of screen printing. Azo-free dyes and chemicals are used and the customized prints in eye-catching colors leave a durable impression on the finished garments. The Printing Unit is equipped appropriately to produce 15000 pieces per day and up to 8 colors in one design.  

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The embroidery facility is equipped to execute a variety of designs additions using CAD (Pattern Making), The craft of embroidering uses a needle and thread to add a picture or piece of text to fabric. Our Embroidery unit has enormous capacity with Japanese Tajima & China machines. 40 in number including 40 head and decorative sequins machines to fulfill all the requirements

Production Facility

Our facilities are equipped to produce the most sophisticated styles and design running the textile industry. We have multiple qualitative analysis labs throughout the production process, which ensures our name as a high standard company.

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